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PHDSC-IHE Public Health Task Force

The Public Health Data Standards Consortium was invited by the Integrating the Healthcare Enterprise (IHE) to start a Public Health Domain at IHE.  IHE is a collaborative of clinicians, administrators, standard development organizations and health information technology (HIT) vendors that drives the adoption of standards to address specific clinical needs through the development of the technical specifications for the software applications.  PHDSC and IHE are collaborating to enable interoperability across clinical and public health enterprises. 

As the first activity at IHE, the PHDSC formed a Task Force of public health, clinical and information technology experts to develop a White Paper:

Building a Roadmap for Health Information Systems
Interoperability for Public Health

The objective of the White Paper is to engage the public health community in a dialogue with HIT vendors to assure that the work processes and data needs of public health stakeholders are communicated to the developers of the interoperable clinical Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems and Public Health Information Systems (EHR-PH Systems). The White Paper serves as a framing document for the creation of the Public Health Domain at IHE.

For more information about the PHDSC-IHE Public Health Task Force, please contact Dr. Anna Orlova, PHDSC Executive Director at