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We Want Your Feedback on the Source of Payment Typology

The Source of Payment Typology is a payer type standard to allow for consistent reporting of payer data for health care services. It was created by the Public Data Health Data Standards Consortium (PHDSC) Payer Typology Subcommittee. Additional information about the Source of Payment Typology is available from the Payer Typology Subcommittee's home page.

Please register and provide your maintenance comments to the Source of Payment Typology by completing and submitting the form below. Your comments will be collected and distributed to the Payer Typology Subcommittee members. Each comment will be considered, researched, and fully discussed by the Subcommittee members and meeting participants during the annual Payer Typology Coordination and Maintenance Meeting. The Subcommittee will convene an annual Coordination and Maintenance Meeting via teleconference call to discuss proposed changes to the Source of Payment Typology. The teleconference call will be open to the public and all interested parties. The meeting dates, agendas and summaries will be posted on the PHDSC Events page.

After each annual Coordination and Maintenance Meeting, the Payer Typology Subcommittee will draft recommendations, which will be discussed and finalized at a subsequent conference call open only to Subcommittee members. Decisions regarding modifications to the Source of Payment Typology will be implemented within three months after the closed conference call. A summary memo describing changes and rationale for acceptance/rejection will be posted on the PHDSC/Typology website.

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